"The Urbana band has been around for a few years but seems to be picking up more steam as the lineup solidifies – a goal of this latest EP, according to frontman Evan Opitz.

“We wanted to solidify our six-piece lineup, which has been the most consistent and cohesive group of musicians we’ve had thus far,” Opitz said.

The EP was written over the past year and recorded with James Treichler at Earth Analog studio in Tolono, Ill.

Opitz also said the band made it a point to use no effect pedals on the EP, including distortion pedals.

“No distortion or effects pedals were used, just a clean guitar in a warm tube amp,” Opitz said. “Obviously there were a couple musical manipulations when Joe Meland was in the producer’s and mixer’s chair, but we wanted to keep it as raw as possible and let the music tell the story.”

"A departure from the previous emo/math rock sounds that The Phantom Broadcast’s earlier releases reflected, Opitz opted to take the sound more towards the jazz and classical styles that he was listening to. Consequently, the process in the creation of the songs was a much more thought out experience. “We started work on Sublimation Love as early as January 2015,” Opitz says, describing how the EP first started to come to light. “‘A Rose By Any Other Name’ was the first song that was written. At the time, it was just the first half of guitar and vocal melody without lyrics.” After spending more time with his own compositions and listening to other jazz and classical composers (such as Matt Ulery and Ryan Keberle), Opitz realized that he wanted to “create a larger sonic atmosphere by adding horns and viola to the music,” thus prompting him to revive The Phantom Broadcast with a new lineup and a new sound.


One of the most impressive aspects of the release is that no single instrument overpowers another — including the vocals. Opitz’s vocal parts slip smoothly in with the other sounds on the EP, building and harmonizing chords with ease. This was achieved by the mixing prowess of Joe Meland (of local acts Feral States and Boycut) as well as Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering in Wisconsin. "